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Downloading plans
Flight of whirligigs
Free plans all metal hub
Free plans Whirligig Stand
Free plans Whirligig #43
Free plans Whirligig #46
Free plans Whirligig #57
Gears for whirligigs
Painting your whirligig



Gears for Whirligigs

Spur Gear for a Whirligig, large 12 tooth gear 4 1/4″ dia. (10.9cm), small 6 tooth gear 2 3/8″ dia. (6.1cm), .032″ 5052H32 aluminum sheet

Detail of meshing teeth

Attention: I have modified and improved the gears shown here.  The gears shown above do not work well, because at high speeds the gears bounce back and bind up.  Bending up the face on both sides of teeth dramatically improves the performance.  In a few weeks I'll have some measured drawings of alternatives.  (2-15-2012)


Nathan Mercury said...

Are you using sheet steel for the gears? Any need of lubricant where they contact? Do you cut from a CAD/CAM program? Are these cut on your Delta bandsaw? Plasma? Many thanks. Would you mind responding to my email:
Thanks very much.

Nathan Mercury said...

My apologies: Didn't see the photo caption saying your gears were cut from aluminum sheet.

Karl Greenfield said...

Chuck, I am an architect who would like to purchase your number 57 whirligig for a project of mine. I find your design beautiful as well stunningly dynamic.

Please contact me.


Karl Greenfield